Finance Corps Associate Awards

The Nathan Towson Medallion

The Nathan Towson Medallion recognizes exceptional achievements or exemplary service of members of the Regiment. These accomplishments will clearly and unmistakably distinguish candidates from their peers and will contribute significantly to the continuing mission of the Finance Corps. Although this award need not recognize a lifetime of service, it will only be conferred upon those individuals who have embodied the values of the Regiment through an established record of excellence.

Individuals eligible for nomination include any present or former Finance commissioned officers, warrant officers, noncommissioned officers, enlisted soldiers, civilians, and Finance soldiers in the National Guard or reserves. All Finance honor graduates of the Command and General Staff College (CGSC), Officer Advanced Course (OAC), Sergeants Major Academy, the Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course Distinguished Leader, and the Finance Corps NCO and Soldier of the Year will automatically receive the Medallion.

Awardees of the Towson Medallion are listed here.Towson Medallion Awardees

If you would like to submit a nomination for this prestigious award, please fill out the provided nomination form.Towson Nomination Form

Brigadier General Robert C. Goetz Medallion

The Brigadier General Robert C. Goetz Medallion was created March 26, 1999. The purpose of this medallion is to recognize individuals of unparalleled leadership and strategic vision in an enduring legacy to the Finance Corps Regiment. These accomplishments must reflect a lifetime of dedication to our core values of Patriotism, Integrity, Competence, and Service. This award formally recognizes the individual's indelible impression on the very essence of our corps.

There is no specified time limit for nominations for this award. The award committee will be conviened as needed, all voting is performed on secret ballots.

Awardees of the Goetz Medallion are listed here.Goetz Medallion Awardees

The Goetz Medallion will be presented by the Chief of the Corps at an appropriate ceremony.

Email submissions to Goetz Nomination. There is no formal nomination form required.

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FCA Scholarships

Print Memorandum For Annual Scholarship Competition(PDF)

This year the Finance Corps Association (FCA) will award six $500 scholarships to aspiring or prospective college students. The potential candidates fall into two categories:

  1. Enlisted Soldiers (E-1 through E-6) who are members of the FCA and are actively pursuing a graduate or undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university. Please provide enrollment documentation with your essay.

  2. . FCA Family members, including high school seniors, (ages 17-23) currently or projected to enroll in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited College or University are eligible. Submission must include a bio on the student with their age, current or projected school and sponsor information. In addition, family members enrolled in a college or university please provide enrollment documentation.

  3. To compete for the scholarships, candidates must submit an essay on the topic "Have we become too computer dependent?" The FCA Executive Committee will judge all essays submitted, and final decision authority for identifying the best essay rests with the FCA President. All essays will be judged against one another with winners being notified by 1 April 2015.

    TThe submission deadline for essays is 20 March 2015. Essays must be at least 300 words in length but no longer than 500 words. To submit an essay, candidates must mail a Microsoft word document contained on a CD, or a typed hard copy of their essay, to the FCA, P.O. Box 10069, Fort Jackson, SC 29207, or they may also submit an email copy of their essay to the following email address:

    Winners will be formally recognized and checks presented at the Army Financial Management Ball in May 2015 (winners not required to be present if travel restricts availability.

    POC is LTC Dusan Fenner at 803-751-8733 or

    T.A. Clay

    Colonel, FC


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