Steps to Create a New Password

  1. Click on "Forgot Password?" Link in the Security Menu Tab at the top of any screen (or in the Login Screen)
  2. Enter your email address and click on "Send Instructions"
  3. Retrieve and click on the special token link in instructions email in your inbox
  4. Enter new password in the password reset screen.

Detailed Overview

The process needs to protect you from outsiders who might try and get into your account. It does this by using a "round-trip, handshake approach:

  • You tell the system your email address and it sends you an email to which you (and only you) would respond (thus, certifying to the system that your email response was really from you).
  • Part of this "round-trip exchange of emails is a system-generated "token" that sets up a secure "handshake" between your computer and the FCA server.
  • You click on that token (or paste it into your browser's address line) to make the return trip to the website
  • When gets your response, it verifies that the token received is the token sent and the email address (yours) is the one to which the token was sent.
  • The system then allows you to tell it the new password you have chosen for your account.