Privacy Policy


Your privacy is paramount to us. To assure the security of its members, the FCA expressly prohibits the use of its member list for solicitation, and for any purposes not directly related to the Association. Individuals may not presume to represent the Association without the Association's consent nor conduct business under the guise of the Association. We ask that all members who have access to our lists respect this policy. Should any member receive unwanted solicitation, we urge you notify the Association via email.

Personal Data Maintained

The association maintains the following personal data on each member (starred items are shared with other members who are in good standing in their memberships):

  1. Full name and rank *
  2. Mailing address *
  3. Email Address *
  4. Phone number *
  5. Mobile number *
  6. Status (i.e., regular, reserves, active, civilian, etc.) *
  7. Membership Type and expiration status *
  8. Awards Received *
  9. Purchases of Products or Memberships
  10. Membership status and dates
  11. Member log in name and secure password for logging into the FCA website (

Each member may and is encouraged to  maintain/edit/update their data for the first 5 of the above listed elements.

Each member has the right to have these data deleted, however, this could cause a termination of membership and access to the website.  Questions concerning membership data should be addressed to the VP-membership.

Contact information (name, addresses (mail and email) and phone numbers are used periodically y the association to provide information to the membership concerning membership status and reminders, invitations to regimental events, updates on matters of interest to the Financial management community, purchase confirmations, and such other matters directly related to the business of the association.

Store Transactions

The online store is a catalog. All purchases are made through our secure Paypal Service. We hold your privacy in the highest regard, and will not divulge your personal information.  No credit card information is maintained and purchase histories are used solely for store management purposes and not shared with anyone other than FCA personnel.

Email Notices

By registering as a member online, you consent to maintenance of the above listed data and to the periodic communications that the Association will periodically send to you and/or the general membership. The notices will be informational only, and occur sporadically. These notices do not qualify as solicitation, as they are necessary for conducting business.


Thank you for your continued support. To Support and Serve!

The FCA Staff