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Summer 2021 Flipbook Version of the Summer 2021 Diamond Points
Fall 2021 Flipbook Version of the Fall 2021 Diamond Points
Spring 2022 Flipbook Version for the Spring 2022 Diamond Points
Summer 2022 Flipbook Version of the Summer 2022 Diamond Points
Fall 2022 Flipbook Version  of the Fall 2022 Diamond Points
Winter 2022 Flipbook Version  of the Winter 2022 Diamond Points

How to submit an article to the Diamond Points Newsletter

Diamond Points articles must be received by the 1st of December, 1st of March, 1st of June, and the 1st of September to meet publication deadlines for each quarter.
Or Mail to the following address
Editor, Diamond Points
P.O. Box 10069
Fort Jackson, SC 29207


Due to the printing process, please be aware that pictures sent electronically may not be reproduced with absolute clarity. Please send pictures in .tif format if possible, as this gives the best results. .jpg or .gif is acceptable otherwise.  Also, any pictures submitted must have a caption.
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